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non_toxic's Journal

SR-71 Fans
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for fans of SR-71 to discuss things like the band, the songs, tabs and lyrics, and anythign related to SR-71 and possibly other bands people who listen to this wonderful band might be interested in.



  1. If you post a long post or post a lot of photos, please be sure to use the lj cut tag to make only a portion of it viewable from the main journal (the entire entry will be readable because the lj-cut tag creates a link to the full version of the post). To use the lj cut tag, simply put <lj-cut text="insert the text you want here"> into your post before the part that should not be show in the main journal.

  2. DO NOT ASK FOR CODES to get a LiveJournal in this community. Anyone who does will be ejected from the community.

  3. Try to keep all posts on-topic. This is a SR-71 community so it would be nice to talk about SR-71 not how pretty your poodle looks in its new sweater.

  4. Flame wars will not be tolerated.Anyone who flames another member will be shot on site then banned from the community for a minimum of 30 days.

  5. Have fun.

This community was created by jsmusic.